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Arabian African Food Trading

We are wholesalers, distributors, and traders for premium quality of fresh fruits, vegetables and dry grocery.

About us

We are the Arabian African Food Trading, a newly established company to work in the field of food trading between African countries and the world.

It is based in the United Arab Emirates and has a new branch opened in Tanzania

The company has started several contracts with reputable companies in Lebanon, Turkey and Russia in the field of supplying foodstuffs and fruits.

The company aspires to open a field for larger businesses in other countries, knowing that the company has a strategic partner in Tanzania, Highland Estate Company

Our Partner


Highland Estates Ltd
Plot No 24,Block 71,Building No. 28
Lumumba Street (Greenleaf Tower
Dar es salaam Tanzania

Extraordinary Experiences

The company has studied the region and considers the African market to be one of the most important markets in the region as it is thriving with stability and high-quality food.


Food Trading Services

vision and mission


To be one of the most admired and respected in the food trading field


To deliver highest standards of quality commitment to our clients and trade partners


We conduct our business operations with high quality value of our products

Quality Control

Ensuring accurate information on quality standards product

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